Bricking Machine Benefits

Any mason will tell you, the key to effective refractory lining lies in quality brick [...]

Smallest Robot Gets a Power Boost

Brokk has boosted the power-to-weight ratio on its smallest demolition robot in its lineup, creating [...]

Brokk Boosts Safety with TEI Rock Drills

Brokk has paired its 300-series demolition robot with the new MMB326 hydraulic drifter rock drill [...]

Safety Oriented Design

As our world changes, so do our problems. Each unique situation that arises brings with [...]

Epiroc expands Combi Cutter range

Designed for carriers in the 20 to 30 ton and 25 and 40 ton operating [...]

Brokk Launches 4 NEW Machines!

Brokk makes the biggest product launch in the company’s history at Intermat in Paris. No [...]

Diamond Wall Saw Blades

DDE offer a selection of high quality demolition consumables including a durable range of concrete [...]

Experts in Demolition & Drilling Equipment

Demolition & Drilling Equipment (DDE) was established in 2009 by a group of expert people, [...]