Brokk Training:

The Brokk training program consists of both theoretical and practical components, designed to equip operators with a comprehensive understanding of the machine’s fundamentals. While the training lays a strong foundation, true proficiency can only be attained through hands-on experience gained on actual job sites. We recognize that practical application is vital for operators to develop the necessary skills and expertise in operating Brokk machines effectively.

TEI Drilling Equipment:

At DDE, we understand the importance of comprehensive training when it comes to TEI Drilling Equipment. Therefore, we collaborate closely with TEI, to create customized training courses tailored to the specific drilling equipment you have purchased. These courses encompass essential aspects such as operation, maintenance, and safety protocols. Our objective is to ensure that you and your team receive the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively handle and maintain your TEI Drilling Equipment.


DDE Offers extensive training on all our product ranges including after sales support.

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Field Support

With our expert team, we are able to offer continuous field support solutions to your team.

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Equipment Repairs

With our full workshop repairs team, DDE can assist with all major repairs.

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Spare Parts

Our dedicated workshop offers great stock levels and spare parts for your equipment.

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Upon completion of the training program, trainees will receive comprehensive training materials and certificates as a testament to their accomplishment. We offer the flexibility of conducting the training either on-site at your location or at our DDE premises, depending on your preference and logistical considerations. Our aim is to ensure that trainees have a seamless and convenient learning experience, enabling them to gain valuable knowledge and skills in their preferred setting. Whether you choose on-site training or utilize our dedicated facilities, we are committed to delivering a training program that meets your specific requirements and contributes to the professional growth of your team.