Smallest Robot Gets a Power Boost

Brokk has boosted the power-to-weight ratio on its smallest demolition robot in its lineup, creating the new Brokk 70.

Equipped with SmartPower — Brokk’s intelligent power management system — the new model offers 100 per cent more power than its predecessor, the Brokk 60 II. However, the demolition robot retains the same compact dimensions with a 60-kg weight increase.

“Brokk is always looking to maximize the power-to-weight ratio of our machines,” said Martin Krupicka, president and CEO of the Brokk Group.

“With the unique Brokk SmartPower technology and the BHB 105, the Brokk 70 revolutionizes the capabilities of compact demolition robots. It far surpasses the Brokk 60 II in power and versatility, allowing operators to bring more power to bear in the most confined spaces.”

With SmartPower, the Brokk 70 boasts 9.8 kilowatts of power with a hydraulic output of 5.5 kilowatts, while maintaining the Brokk 60 II’s compact size and 16-amp fuse.

Furthermore, at 88 cm tall and 60 cm wide, the Brokk 70 fits through narrow doorways and into tight spaces, making it ideal for interior demolition applications. And with a base weight of 56 kg, it can be transported on an ordinary passenger elevator, making it ideal for top-down demolition projects in urban areas.

The three-part arm extends to 3.2 metres vertically and 2.7 meters horizontally.

With the new BHB 105 breaker, the demolition robot is able to tackle demolition in the most confined spaces and is ideal for a variety of applications and industries.

As well, each Brokk 70 is outfitted with a BHB 105 hydraulic breaker with 159 joules of hitting power. It can be equipped with advanced features, including water spray to suppress dust and air cooling for hot environments. The machine also pairs with concrete crushers, drum cutters, grapples, scoop buckets and more.

The demolition robot also incorporates the new SmartConcept system, which ensures improved performance and uptime.

Brokk SmartConcept

SmartConcept consists of three features: SmartPower, SmartDesign and SmartRemote. SmartPower senses when the power supply is poor or faulty, and then compensates before components are damaged, allowing contractors to use the machine with generators or unreliable power sources.

With 70 per cent fewer cables, rugged components, LED headlights and easily accessible grease points and hydraulic hoses, SmartDesign extends machine life and provides ease of maintenance.

An ergonomic remote control — the SmartRemote — incorporates adjustable straps, intuitive controls and professional-grade radio technology with almost 300 metres of wireless working range.